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The company has a culture of quality of the quality system, to create attractive, has the quality of the soul. The quality is supreme, the good faith for this!Talent concept:We respect everyone's knowledge and ability, pay attention to the quality of staff training. We provide the opportunity of fair competition and the environment.Strive for employees realize self-worth in competitive cooperation way. Our basic ideology is: With both ability and political integrity, dedicated for this, the team first.Shengzhou Fusheng Machinery and Electrics Co,Ltd.Add:Changle Economic Zone Shengyi Line Shengzhou City Zhejiang ChinaMob: 0086-138 1955 6498Fax: 0086-575-83785529E-mail: 596675207@qq.comweb:

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    Wash Motors china motor wash machine spare parts Washing Machine Motor

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