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Zhejiang Mingdu Chuangxin Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Mingdu Chuangxin Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.


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The main products: LED outdoor lighting products, LED intelligent control systems and software; LED personalized & customized lamps; dedicated waterproof wire waterproof led linear light for LED, LED lighting accessories and electrical accessories; the plastic parts injection molding & blow molding processing for LED lighting.

Services: Provide overall solutions and consulting services for LED landscape lighting; engineering construction guidance for municipal engineering, landscaping projects and urban & road lighting.

The driving force of our innovation is to fulfill customers’ requirements, providing products, services, and solutions to customers they need, pursuing continuous improvement of product and service quality, creating sustainable value and future development.Welcome to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

The productsThis series product has exquisite appearance, ultra narrow and ultra thin; the light source adopts integrated waterproof technology. Flame retardant grade V-0, protection grade IP67, UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance, common used indoor led pixel light and outdoor. Uniform illumination,high brightness, no dark areas in the connection of adjacent lamps.

Mainly used for transparent media screens, also can be used to draw the outline of buildings and bridges,The product can be used in harsh environments.



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